Monday, July 6, 2009

Get Inspired or Get In Line

Greeetings! So like every bored lost soul I decided to start a blog. While many a blogs are devoted to music, celebs, politics, or other really cool crap this one is devoted to abstract ideas and comedy. Mostly I hope this blog's purpose is to have you come home, take off your shoes, open your expensive water bottle (or just drink from a hose) and prepare for awesomeness (by reading this of course). As for an east coast girl that is about to enter the scary world of LA live comedy I thought what better way to start throwing ideas out there and maybe getting feedback. So what's up with drinking from a hose? Well today my sister informed me that she was working at a house and asked for a cup of water and the lady replied, "JUST DRINK FROM THE HOSE" and of course my sister replied "Uhh it looks kinda dirty ..when did you purchase it?" First of all my sister should have brought her own water to a job site but for someone to seriously suggest drinking from a nasty old hose is quite hilarious. Also I think no one looks cool drinking from a hose well with an exception of my little black kid photo but let's face it little black kids look cool at everything. Hmm maybe that is why the adoption trend started. Anyway I hope to bring laughs to bloggers everywhere. And as the great Bob Dole said "The Internet is a great place to get on the net."


  1. Well you better keep up with this blogging thing and with those live comedy dreams. If you don't I will stab you. I'm expecting you to hit me with some funny shit. And by the way, you're mom is inspired.

  2. This is Karasmatic's sister. I actually did not comment on the vintage of the hose, nor did I query the lady as to how much consideration she gave in exchange for said hose. I, uh, drank out of it. Also, if you are painting the exterior of someone's house, usually water should be available on the property, or other arrangements must be made prior to starting the job. However, painting does not necessitate that the water be potable. So, yes, maybe I should have brought more water to the jobsite . . . but, sometimes water from a hose is sooooooooo tasty . . . like when you were 6 at a neighbor's in the summer . . .