Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson Who?


After watching some bits and pieces of the Michael Jackson funeral my mind began to think of other amazing artists that we have lost. Dennis Parker ring a bell? Probably not. I only discovered this gem a couple months ago and just as MJ fans go weak in the knees as did I for Mr. Dennis Parker (aka real name: Wade Nichols). Could it be his pedifile stache or that "I'm touching myself with a peacock feather" look in his eyes? Either way this guy should be discussed more. As an aspiring soap opera star he went from acting to making disco records to getting back on the acting train.. only this time (you guessed it) PORN. First film, 1975, Exploring Young Girls. Yeah that's not creepy at all!?! But like MJ he wanted to be the best at entertaining and thus he went balls to the wall to the next level... gay porn. Don't think I haven't spent countless lonely evenings trying to get my hands on some DP porn because I have and I totally convinced they have his pornos locked up with the JFK files. Although everytime I watch Like an Eagle, (in pure awe) I remember that Dennis Parker's tale also has a tragic ending. He eventually got AIDs and committed suicide. He went waaaay before his time but when you have so much talent sometimes the crazy world of gay porn gets the best of ya. Now go pour yourself a glass of cheap wine and induldge yourself into the world of Dennis Parker. You may find yourself relating to this sex icon. I know I sure do. wiiiiink!

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